American Girl Sites

Izzy in PINK Gracelyn in PURPLE Kaylyn in BLUE everyone in GREEN Hello everyone! Today we are going to share with you some things that you can buy for your AG dolls that aren't made by AG. Does anything that I just said make sense??? We really like a lot of the stuff that Kaylyn showed us, so we decided to post … Continue reading American Girl Sites


Barefoot in the Backyard

Kaylyn in BLUE Gracelyn in PURPLE Hello everyone! Yesterday my mom took some pictures of me, and I really like them! Izzy is having a pity party because my mom didn't take pictures of her. *Izzy wails in the background* Izzy, you will have your turn in the next post. Anyway, we hope you enjoy all of the … Continue reading Barefoot in the Backyard

How to Make Mini Unicorn Slime For Your Dolls!

Izzy in PINK Gracelyn in PURPLE Kaylyn in PEACH everyone in ORANGE  Hello everyone.... Today we are making.... SLIME!!!! So, today I am going to show you step by step, how to make mini slime for your dolls. But it's not any kind of slime... It is unicorn slime! I hope you enjoy! What you will need: Baking soda … Continue reading How to Make Mini Unicorn Slime For Your Dolls!

Happy Easter + An Easter AGPS

Kaylyn in BLUE Izzy in PINK Gracelyn in PURPLE everyone in LIGHT PINK Hello everyone! Now, we have an announcement. I am now going to be supervising each post that my dolls write.  BOOOO!!!! I actually happen to enjoy the fact that you are here, Mom. Izzy can be really annoying sometimes.  HEY!!! Girls, calm down! It's OK. Now, we are … Continue reading Happy Easter + An Easter AGPS


Don’t you just love how I put up a poll for a giveaway in January but don’t actually post the giveaway until a month later because I worked really hard on having four scheduled posts at once and wanted those to post first instead of keep having to push them […] via Giveaway: Autumn Stroll Outfit … Continue reading GUYS.